Fall 2022 21A.500J/STS.075J Technology and Culture

21A.500J/STS.075J Technology and Culture

Fall 2022
Units: 2-0-7
F 1-3 PM
Michaela Thompson
Please note that this subject’s enrollment is limited to 50. As enrollment approaches that number, the instructor will give enrollment priority to students in the following order: Anthropology (21A) or STS majors, Anthropology (21A) or STS minors, seniors who need this subject as one of their HASS requirements in order to graduate, Anthro or STS concentrators, MIT undergraduates, and finally prospective cross-registrants from Harvard and Wellesley. No auditors will be accepted. Many thanks for your understanding.
Fortunately, this subject is offered in Fall and Spring terms every year. If you find yourself on a waitlist for registration and are not accepted, please try again in another term.