Undergraduate Subjects

Core Subjects

21A.00 Introduction to Anthropology: Comparing Human Cultures Moran-Thomas
21A.01 How Culture Works Buyandelger

Culture and Identity

21A.103 The Science of Race, Sex, and Gender Helmreich
Memory, Culture, and Forgetting (U/G) Buyandelger
21A.111 For Love and Money: Rethinking the Family Paxson
21A.120 American Dream: Exploring Class in the US Walley
21A.130 Introduction to Latin American Studies (CI-H) Duong
21A.132 Race and Migration in Europe (CI-H) Stoetzer
21A.135 Africa and the Politics of Knowledge Edoh
African Migrations Edoh
21A.141 Images of Asian Women: Dragon Ladies and Lotus Blossoms Buyandelger
21A.143 Gender and Japanese Popular Culture Condry
21A.150 Teaching and Learning: Cross-Cultural Perspectives Jones
21A.151 Language, Communication, and Culture Semel
21A.155 Food, Culture, and Politics (CI-M) Paxson
21A.157 The Meaning of Life Helmreich

Global Health

21A.301 Disease and Health: Culture, Society, and Ethics Moran-Thomas
21A.303 The Anthropology of Biology Helmreich
21A.311 The Social Lives of Medical Objects Moran-Thomas
21A.312 Planetary Change and Human Health Moran-Thomas
21A.319 History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology (G) Helmreich

Environment, Development, and Conflict

21A.400 The Stakes of International Development Walley
City Living: Ethnographies of Urban Worlds Stoetzer
21A.407 Gender, Race, and Environmental Justice Stoetzer
21A.409 Ethics of Intervention (G) James
21A.410 Environmental Struggles Walley
21A.429 Environmental Conflict (G) Walley
21A.461 What is Capitalism? (CI-H) Walley

Science, Technology, and Media

21A.500 Technology and Culture Staff
Art, Craft, Science (U/G) Paxson
21A.502 Fun and Games: Cross-Cultural Perspectives Jones
21A.504 Cultures of Computing Beltrán
21A.505 The Anthropology of Sound Helmreich
21A.508 Culture and Ethics in Science Fiction Worlds Moran-Thomas
21A.511 Hacking from the South Beltrán
21A.520 Magic, Science, and Religion Jones
21A.529 Virtual and Other Realities (G) Buyandelger
DV Lab: Documenting Science through Video and New Media (U/G)

Cross-Cultural Dialog and Investigations

21A.802 Seminar in Ethnography and Fieldwork (CI-M) Buyandelger
21A.809 Designing Empirical Research in the Social Sciences (G) Silbey
21A.819 Qualitative Research Methods (G) Silbey
21A.829 Ethnography (G) Fischer
21A.859 Social Theory and Analysis (G) Helmreich

Independent Study, Thesis, and Special Subjects

21A.901 Independent Study (Undergrad)  
21A.902 Independent Study (Undergrad)  
21A.929 Independent Study (Grad)  
21A.939 Independent Study (Grad)  
21A.949 Independent Study (Grad)  
21A.THT Pre-thesis Tutorial (Undergrad)  
21A.THU Thesis (Undergrad)  
21A.UR Research (Undergrad)  
21A.URG Research (Undergrad)