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Heather Paxson receives Levitan Prize and Baker Award

July 1, 2009

Heather Paxson is the 2008 recipient of Levitan Prize in the Humanities, for "Economies of Sentiment, Ecologies of Production: Crafting American Artisanal Cheese" as well as one of 2 recipients of the 2008 Everett Moore Baker Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Doing Anthropology: Thoughts On Fieldwork From Three Research Sites (Video)

MIT Anthropology

March 10, 2008

Cultural Anthropology is a social science that explores how people understand - and act in - the world. But what, exactly, is it that Cultural Anthropologists do? How do they approach their research? In this short film, three members of MIT's Anthropology Department, Stefan Helmreich, Erica James, and Heather Paxson, talk about their current work and the process of doing fieldwork. View the video on Youtube.